Antero Ferreira Design

Antero Ferreira is a designer-consultant, professor-researcher, collector-curator and surfer, with a PhD in Design/Typography, awarded with the ‘European Doctor Mention’ at the University of Barcelona (1995–2003), and graduated in Communication Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto (1989).
Joaquim Antero Magalhães Ferreira was born in 1963, in Oporto, north of Portugal. He started off as a sign and lettering painter and graphic artist, doing work for commercial shops and to the first shopping centre in Oporto, and launched his career as an independent designer in 1983. Later, he founded his own studio Antero Ferreira Design (1991), and the company-school Alquimia da Cor (1995), both in Oporto. In 2003 he became one of the first portuguese designers with a doctorate degree expertised in Typography Design.

At the same time he is a Design professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto (since 1989), and an Invited Professor at the University of Barcelona and at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (since 2004). He has been also lecturing around the world, in countries like Canada, Cuba, England, France and Turkey.
He is the former President of the Deontological and Technical Council of the AND (National Designers Association), member and consultant of several national and international institutions and publications like A3ES, Adobe ico-D, Printing Historical Society, Polícia Judiciária and the Portuguese Government. His research currently focuses in calligraphy, typography, photography, book design, printing and graphic arts in general in Portugal, but also Spain and the rest of Europe.

PhD thesis: ‘Oficina Alvares Ribeiro: a family of printers, publishers, booksellers and papermakers, of Oporto and Vizela, of 18–20th centuries.’
Oficina Alvares Ribeiro: uma família de impressores, editores, livreiros e papeleiros, do Porto e de Vizela, do século XVIII ao XX.
Director: Enric Tormo i Ballester (Department of Design and Image)
Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona
Classification: suma cum laude by unanimous
interests: Art Collections, Curatorial Projects, Education, Artist’s Books, Book Design, Photobooks, Calligraphy, Paper, Writing, Graphic Arts, Prepress, Printing, Binding, Typography, Orthotypography, Microtypography.

As a professional, researcher or tourist, Antero Ferreira has visited the following twenty-five countries:
Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Denmark, Dominican Republic, England, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Morocco, Netherlands, Poland, Scotland, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, and also the little ones: Andorra, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Vatican.

2016: AFD’s 25th anniversary; jury member (preselection panel) at ADAA/Adobe Design Achievement Awards (Canada); global design and art direction for the Santa Joana exhibition, Aveiro’s Museum.
2015: rebrand of the corporate identity and first website; AdC’s 20th anniversary.
2014: A3ES agency expert member, Lisbon; artistic projects niLom and ãsuoL (DaVinci art gallery, Oporto).
2013: mentor of the Adobe ico-D Mentorship program, Canada.
2012: lecturer at the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design, England.
2011: curator of the exhibition on packaging design (bags): Não há saco!, FBAUP Museum.
2010: editor of the independent fanzine about design and typography: é letra!
2009: first artist book titled Book saved ‘in extremis’ (UPV’s book collection).
2008: scientific adviser of the Portuguese Review of History of the Book, Lisbon.
2007: co-founder of Iberic Institute of Design (iiD), Oporto; Barcelona.
2006: visiting professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), Spain.
2005: President of the Technical and Deontological Board of the National Association of Designers (AND).
2004: awarded with the European Doctor Mention; visiting professor at the University of Barcelona.
2003: PhD in Design/Typography, University of Barcelona; foundation of AND.
2001: researcher at the PhD course ‘Typographic Revolutions’, University of Barcelona.
2000: scientific coordinator of the AdC’s seminar and workshop on ‘Digital Typography’ (Fontographer).
1998: curator of the iberian meeting ‘From Writing to Digital Typography’, FBAUP.
1997: editor of the first trainning program of Electronics Prepress Techniques (TPIE) in Portugal.
1995: co-founder of the school-company Alquimia da Cor (AdC), Oporto.
1994: first european design award; first studio newsletter; co-founder of the Ordem Visual association, Oporto.
1993: the studio acquires a complete and high tech prepress system (Dupont, Kodak, Macintosh, Scitex, etc.).
1991: founded the Antero Ferreira Design studio (AFD), in Oporto; visiting designer at NSCAD, Canada.
1990: member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), New York.
1989: degree in Communication Design by Oporto Fine Arts School (now FBAUP); start as a university teacher.
1988: first international design award.
1986: attend the 1st National Seminar of Design, Leiria.
1983: start a self-employed business.
1963: born in Oporto. 1st Exhibition of Graphic Arts at SNBA, Lisbon; foundation of Icograda, London.